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These photos were taken by Dr. Gwen Childs to help medical and graduate students learn microanatomy. The slides are from the slide set used by the medical students at the University of Texas Medical Branch with added photos of slides from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  We hope they will guide you in your study of the structures and help you with the laboratory material.


  Simple Columnar Epithelium

  Simple cuboidal epithelium

  Simple squamous epithelium

   Pseudostratified columnar epithelium   

    Stratified squamous epithelium

     Stratified columnar/cuboidal epithelium   

      Transitional epithelium

       Connective Tissue


Cartilage and Bone

Lymphoid system/Immune system

Nerve, Ear, Eye



Mammary Glands

Digestive system 


Kidney/Urinary system

Respiratory System

Cardiovascular System

Endocrine System

Female Reproductive System





Male Reproductive System

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